Apple Accessibility

Is your website ACCESSIBLE? Does your Credit Union culture embrace DIVERSITY EQUITY and INCLUSIVITY?

As announced in our prior newsletter NOW-IC has been working on a number of new innovations. We see the demand for ACCESSIBILITY is becoming a top-of-mind challenge for website developers/owners.  NOW-IC has the definitive answer APPLE ACCESSIBILITY WIDGET gives your Members the ultimate AI Driven Accessibility Widget. With Apple Widget installed on your homepage, your member/s can simply choose what corrective adjustments they require. For example if one has an eyesight issue the member/s can simply open Our Apple Widget and choose the elements they want adjusted which will help them to more easily navigate your site.

The AI driven widget will analyze your site monitoring any changes that may alter the site ensuring compliance at all times. This is a set it and forget it proposition. As the website owner you get a weekly? report again confirming compliance and…

If ACCESSIBILITY is important to you or if you would like to know more about the current trends, compliance requirements/regulations here in Canada and what to expect.

NOW INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS will be hosting an INFO-SESSION via Zoom on Thursday, 3:00 PM MST. May 18 2023. Please reserve your seat at your earliest convenience. so we can ..