Custom Program & App Creation

Mango Apps are a special set of programs and applications provided through NOW-IC’s sister company, RGI Solutions Inc. These tools add call-to-action and conversion functionality to your online marketing, and are created based on your business needs including: Over 50 custom online calculators, online loan applications, TFSA/RRSP applications, and online membership applications.

Your online marketing should increase your leads and generate conversions.

Mango apps are a special set of online tools and applications that increase leads and conversions by integrating call-to-action and conversion functionality to your online marketing.
Our apps are compatible with Google Conversion tracking and tailored KPI’s.

Online Loan App
Our online loan application is designed to allow visitors to complete a professional and secure online credit application.

Dynamic Form Builder
Build custom in-depth online forms.  Create simple email contact forms to complex customer surveys and order forms.

Online Member App
Our online Membership App is designed to allow new members to join your credit union.

Online calculators with integrated call-to-action forms are proven to increase call-to-actions and conversion