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Let your website do the talking

Bridge the gap between live chat and bot‐powered conversations. Guide customers towards desired actions with scripted conversations and find out more about them in the process. Meet Leadia – the best chat widget yet.

Why Leadia?

Starting a dialog is the best way of finding out more about your customers. Don’t merely present content in a traditional oneway fashion. Engage your customers, ask questions and get answers. Build up a profile of your visitors to better understand your potential customers.

Gain valuable insight and achieve higher conversion rates by personalizing your product or service offering according to the customer’s progress through the conversation.

Ask the right questions

Build the structure of the conversation around information that is important to you. The question flow is completely customizable. Put as little or as many forks in the road as you want. Make the dialog short, sweet and to the point or engage in a deeper discussion, it’s up to you.

Only what gets measured gets managed

More answered questions generally mean a better understanding of your customers, but there’s a balance to strike between asking too many questions and ending the conversation prematurely. We’ll help you find it. We use state-of-the-art analytical tools to determine how effective each question structure is.

In case you want to see an example.

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Answer questions

They can answer questions with predefined answers just by clicking a button. Where specific input is needed, Leadia offers up a text field which comes with built-in validation for emails, phone numbers and more. We’ve also made it really easy for the customer to share their contact information with us by using Facebook and Google account integrations.


Unlike AI bots, Leadia always carries the conversation. Users don’t have to invent questions and queries, they just react. And whenever they do, they’re presented with another opportunity to add to the conversation and keep it flowing. If they’re not in the mood for talking, your regular website experience is always just a click away

Parameterization of Leadia

Leadia is the embodyment of simplicity towards the client. In order to enable this simplicity, there is a wide range of functionalities on the back-end.

Technical details

We have hidden the technicalities as much as possible, but in the end Leadia is a piece software, an algorithm, a implementation and as such it needs the infrastructure enviroment to exists in.

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